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Tips on Making Your Videoconference a Success

Planning a Meeting

  • Determine time and length of conference
  • Set objectives
  • Develop an agenda providing the focus and time allotted for the conference
  • List specific results to be achieved
  • Prioritize topics to be discussed
  • Identify who must be present
  • Confirm attendance and availability
  • Appoint a leader for each site
  • Distribute meeting materials

Meeting Etiquette

  • Arrive at least fifteen minutes early to distribute materials
  • Practice using the control panel if not familiar
  • Begin on time
  • Open by introducing participants
  • Review objectives and time allotted for meeting
  • Encourage participation
  • Ask questions
  • Keep meeting focused, direct non-agenda items to future meetings
  • Conclude on time, allowing a few minutes for wrap-up and good-byes

Protocol for Participants

  • Be yourself; imagine participants are sitting opposite you
  • Be on time
  • Speak naturally in the direction of the microphone
  • Avoid coughing into microphones, drumming fingers, or carrying on side conversations
  • Identify yourself, as necessary
  • Pause occasionally so others may make comments

What to Wear

  • Avoid large plaids and prints which may be overemphasized on the screen
  • Pastel colors are preferable over white, which may glare
  • If wearing white, add a dark jacket to cut down on glare
  • The color red may "bleed" and should be avoided if possible 

video contacts

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