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video conferencing

A videoconferencing center is available within Instructional Development. Both point-to-point and multipoint conferences can be scheduled on the system. Calling capabilities are as follows: H.264 (IP) and H.323 (IP). Applications include distance education, collaboration among researchers, recruitment, inter-campus conferences, and interviews.

The main conference room (Kerr Hall 1200, Studio B) has been designed for ease of operation and has a seating capacity of 25.

Services are provided on a recharge basis. Until further notice, Instructional Development will absorb the costs for distance learning applications. For cost specifics, please consult the rate listing in the menu to the left.

Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis. Contact the site coordinator Jeffrey Liang (893-4345) for details about arranging videoconferences involving point-to-point sites or multipoint (two or more) sites. Our network also has a link with the California State University network, enabling videoconferencing with most CSU campuses and off campus sites.

Use of videoconferencing for distance learning applications, shared faculty resources from campus to campus, requires substantial planing. Please contact the site coordinator for details. Requests are most appreciated if done at least 1-2 weeks in advance.

We also have a membership now with K20Video, through the State of California. That system allows for semaless bridging between UC campuses for multipoint videoconferences,  The system automatically sends the remote technical contacts alerts about the conference and helps them get into the event at the appropriate date and time.

Finally, to enjoy a videoconferencing session that is pleasant and productive, you may wish to consider some vital Videoconferencing Tips that will help ensure your success. 


video contacts

Alma Trejo-RodriguezSenior Producer-Director1202 Kerr Hall
Erika SnellSenior Producer-Director1205A Kerr Hall
Juan Espinoza Production Coordinator 1204A Kerr Hall
Film & Video Ordering videoservices@id.ucsb.edu
mainphone: 805-893-3518
faxfax: 805-893-8719